www.bespokedigitalmedia.in is owned and managed by Bespoke Technologies aka Bespoke Technologies. At Bespoke Technologies we have underlined the basic policies governing the uses and disclosure of all the information collected by the company from its users. The use of the information provided by any visitor to our website is the sole discretion of the company and the users would have to follow the rules of the privacy policy.

A visitor to agrees to the terms mentioned in PRIVACY POLICY document by using the website or the services linked with website in any form.

We at Bespoke Technologies respect your personal data and are always on toes to protect in any way we can. Here we have enlisted some of the few ways that may represent how we may use your personal data.

Information we collect

Only website identifiable information is collected from you when you log into our site or enter information into our form fields. You are only asked to enter your: Name, E-mail Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number & your Desired Budget.

Information we collect is used to communicate with you and to better understand your project needs. We may also use this information to take your feedback on our services. The information provided by you also helps us serve you in more effective and professional way.   We never send you Automated Emails without your permission only we will use it for manual input We can be contacted anytime if needed via email id sales@bdmpl.com else you can also visit our office on address mentioned in contact us page.

We follow privacy and security methods to preserve your identity. However, if in any case any leakage happens, we do not take the responsibility or whatsoever.

Note: We do not knowingly collect or use the information of users below 18 years of age.